Day trip to the White City

Well, I knew as soon as I mentioned the fabulous weather, we would have a nasty day.  It wasn’t horrible but… We went to get the car, stopping for coffee on the way.  The destination: Ostuni, La Citta Bianca, north … Continue reading →

Just Hangin’

OK, I admit it.  It was a very lazy day for me. We went out kind of early for coffee because Ken had to work again.  It was interesting to see what was open and what was closed.  Everything is … Continue reading →

Visit to Otranto

Ken had to do some work for a few hours in the morning.  So so as soon as we got up and dressed we went out for some coffee at the Mac Bar, with one “to go” for later.  While … Continue reading →

We have Wheels

The goal for today:  pick up rental car, figure out where to park it and finally GO somewhere. We were surprised rather early, had to scramble to get dressed, by Gianni, our landlord.  He brought us a small tray of absolutely … Continue reading →

Best Day Yet!

Goal for the day:  Getting to know the Lecce historic center. First we went to a little office place to take care of some business stuff (we have an offer on my mom’s house…it’s complicated) and the people were so … Continue reading →

Lecce, day 1

Even though there was absolutely nothing to eat or drink in the apartment we are still on vacation time–Ken slept really late, which to us means 9:00.  We had a list for the morning’s errands. First order of business:  go … Continue reading →

Long Travel Day

We were picked up at 10:00 for our 12:15 flight.  We only sat for about 15 minutes at the gate–the lines for check in and security were quite long.  But everything went smoothly.  Schiphol is a very easy and … Continue reading →

Window Shopping

The weather is turning cooler and I really needed my sweater for most of the day.  We decided to go explore the Nine Streets, a small shopping area, in the canal ring, which is about 400 years old.  It is … Continue reading →


We got a late start because it was Ken’s birthday and I went out to the bakery for breakfast treats which were fantastic! First destination, the MOCO museum to see the Banksy/Warhol show.  If you don’t know Banksy, do yourself … Continue reading →

Day Trip

We decided Saturday would be a good day to get away.  And after lengthy discussions we chose Volendam.  On our way to the station I tried to use my ATM card for some cash.  It said insufficient funds.  No way! … Continue reading →