Alba and Bra

Day trip!  Ken and I had never been to Bra before.  It is notable for being the headquarters for Slow Food, but it’s just an office.  I actually saw their sign down a side street.  Market day in Bra was … Continue reading →

A Day full of Colors

Started the very foggy morning with the abundant breakfast here at Corte Gondina where we sat and talked with Anthony and Lyn for a while. At 10:30, our wonderful ST friend, Diana Baur, came to meet Ken and me at … Continue reading →

Ciao Ciao Lucca

Moving day.  Not my favorite but you gotta do it if you want to go somewhere else, right? We had decided already to take a cab to the Europcar offices so I called them well in advance.  Good thing because … Continue reading →

We Voted!

Since we had our ballots and instructions printed yesterday, our goal today was to buy the envelopes and to get them in the mail–with the proper postage.  I’ve heard some real nightmare stories about the Italian post offices so I … Continue reading →

From the quotidian to the Splendid

We stared the day with a mission: to get clear about our phone usage/charges etc.  So we walked, outside the walls to the Vodafone store, only to find they don’t open until 3:30 on Mondays.  Well… (not writing the words … Continue reading →

Up on the Walls

Everyday we keep saying we want to walk around the whole wall,  4 Kilometers of urban park built in a kind of star shape for the city’s protection in the 16th century.  Today it’s Lucca’s version of the High Line … Continue reading →

Life in Lucca

Looking out the windows, I saw a beautiful blue sky.  We really wanted to get out of the apartment, but we had an appointment to meet Luciana, our landlord, here to give her the rest of what we owed her. … Continue reading →

Day trip to Florence

Firenze is Florence in Italian.  It was a small thrill that we could get on a train and go there; it was almost just that simple.  But the real purpose of the trip was to help Rosanne get settled there … Continue reading →

New Art

The sky was overcast and drippy, but it was Rosanne’s last day in Lucca so we had to get out and “do”.   I barely took any photos.  I’m getting lazy, I think. First stop, the archeological site under the … Continue reading →

Market Day

Wednesday morning there is a market in Lucca.  We started at Porta Elisa and walked the whole thing, about 4 blocks.  Here are a bunch of pictures from it:                       … Continue reading →