What fun! Kathryn looked gorgeous (you will see, if I manage to get the picture on here). At first she was upset with what the hairdresser had done but Cecelia came over, from next door, and calmed her down. After the obligatory photo session at home, she met about a dozen friends at one girl’s house for more pictures. The parents were the paparazzi and the kids, who were awkward and uncomfortable at first, started laughing and smiling–actually having fun in front of their parents! The boys were all in tuxes and the girls totally formal. At this age, the boys still look to be much less mature than the girls and certainly less poised in their attire.
Kathryn said she danced all night, spent the night at a freinds and stayed up ’til 4am. I am so glad she’s a happy, typical teen.


The Prom — 12 Comments

  1. Jan, your daughter is gorgeous! This post brought back memories of my prom which was ages ago. Glad she enjoyed herself 🙂

  2. Jan your daughter is stunningly beautiful! What a great photo. It captures a special moment..she is beaming with excitement and happiness! Just lovely!

  3. Can you tell she’s your child, or what?
    Wow! What a beautiful woman she is. Good genes, I think!

  4. Jan, I’m always late to the party, but I just saw that you added your blog to your signature and I caught up. Such a pretty girl, such a wonderful night, and such a special time for the parents. This blog thing is fun, yes?

  5. Que bella! I remember when you were about to give birth to her . . .and then she was called Kate.
    Glad the prom was fun and “uneventful” if you know what I mean . .

  6. It has taken me a while to catch up with your blog Jan but I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying it and especially that this picture of your daughter in her prom dress is soo beautiful! You must have been so proud!