Yesterday I went for an accupuncture treatment. I had a few, in Calfornia, about 30 years ago, so this felt somewhat like a first time experience.
Bottom line: I loved it!
Some of you know I broke me fourth toe in late March (right before Savannah) and it just wasn’t healing up. Could it be because I ran all over Savannah when I was supposed to be resting it? Maybe, but I made this appointment thinking it would help the toe thing which was driving me nuts. According to the accupuncturist, that toe has a strong emotional connection–well, no wonder I’ve been feeling so out of whack. She is having me do breathing exerciises of 36 big belly breaths every morning. She made me practise several on the treatment table.
Then she put in the needles–some in one ear, a few in my foot, around the toe, some in the opposite hand, one in the center of my forehead and one right on the top of my head. None of them hurt except for the one near my broken toe. She left me there and told me to relax. I felt like there was a heat lamp on that foot; the heat radiated up my leg. I felt REALLY relaxed! Afterwards I felt as if when I went in there my mind was a thicket of brambles. She had managed to get in there and make it into a Zen Garden. Lovely.
I hope it lasts!


Accupuncture — 2 Comments

  1. Jan, I LOVE accupuncture. That is so funny how we have sooo much in common. I used to go for treatments all the time whenever I had an injury or other health issue. I was so sad when my accupuncturist (this woman from China who was the instructor of the Oriental Medical Institute) finally retired – she must have been in her 80’s! I have not been able to find a good accupuncturist since.
    A friend recently told me about her accupuncturist. I was hesitant because I get so frustrated when the treatment doesn’t work but after reading this post, I am inspired to give it a try again.
    I know just what you mean about all the needles, how relaxed you feel during the treatment, and how you go in feeling one way and when you leave or in the next few hours, those feelings completely change.

  2. Oh my, Jan. It never even occurred to me that your toe was not completely better by now!
    I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you got a good acupuncture treatment. I’ve seen absolutely miracles occur from treatments, right before my eyes.
    Good luck with it, and hope you’re on the healing path!