Though really beautiful and fairly easy, this recipe was not one of my favorites. I think the main problem for me was that I bought poor quality hazelnuts so the flavor just didn’t come through. The best parts were the look of it and eating the left over marinated grapes. I loved the taste of the grapes with the sugar and grappa.
I had made this crust before with lemon instead of orange and it’s a real keeper. It is quick and easy given the food processor method and the taste is great with either citrus. Best thing is it rolls out very nicely.
The yolks were very stiff but the ground nut mixture did fold into it. For the first thrid of the egg white fold, I used the paddle and sitrred them in with the machine–folded the remaining by hand.


Grape Tart — 3 Comments

  1. Jan, the finished product looks regal…like big jewels embedded in a crown. Looks really good. I like the way you can improvise, change things up, sometimes using lemon, sometimes orange. I just ordered two copies of Dolce Italiano and though I will not be baking with the Sunday group you each have inspired me. Saving the other copy for my best friends birthday.

  2. Well, your tart looks lovely. Sorry to hear that the hazelnuts weren’t the best. If you wanted to try this tart again, you might try almonds instead. I think that would work perfectly fine.

  3. jan,
    It really looks good. As you know we were away, and I’m not sure when I will get this made, need to move onto next week, plus it has been really hot here. But maybe a 2fer?