For some reason my photos were all blurry???
But, the cookies were pretty and delish! Mine never “colapsed” like Gina said, so I baked them a little longer, until golden. Maybe that’s why they were very dry–or maybe that’s just authentic Italian cookie. Anyway, the flavor was really wonderful.
I have my doubts about baking with Kosher salt, however. I always cook with it but for these cookies, some bites were much saltier than others. Some day, I’ll try them again with regular salt to see if there would really be a difference.


Lemony Semolina cookies — 2 Comments

  1. I have to agree on the salt front about these cookies. I thought those salt crystals distracted from the “true” flavors whenever a crystal “melted” on my tongue!

  2. You might try this…I have a salt grinder with kosher salt in it. Whenever I want it to be finer, I just grind it first.