It’s an everyday expression around Tallahassee. ” What are you doin’ this weekend?” answered by “Goin’ to the beach”.
For us, the beach means my hubands little rental house in Santa Rosa Beach. He mostly uses it as an office but the upstairs has 2 nice bedrooms and a decent bathroom. Best of all, it’s a short 1 and a half blocks to the ocean. The beaches of South Walton are devine! The sand is soft and white, the ocean is every imaginable color of blue, green, aqua and turquoise. Usually the waves are really small–it’s a very gentle beach and usually not very crowded.
So, we are going this afternoon–it takes about 2 and a half hours to drive. We will be back Sunday afternoon to celebrate Mothers Day with Kathryn.
So I have to get my white linen pants and pastel T-shirts out and get packing.
Pictures when I come back.


“The Beach” — 3 Comments

  1. Jan, I envy you for having the warm weather to make going to the beach possible. I live 10 minutes from the beach but these days are cold and cloudy. I can’t wait for more sun so I can head to the beach too. Have fun for all of us!

  2. I am happiest when I have sand between my toes. The sun and the waves just recharge me.
    I bet you need someone to look out for your little house while your in Bella Italia~ I know just the folks.

  3. Another beach fan here. I was surprised that you need to drive so far to reach a beach. For some reason I imagined that you lived much closer. The closest beach is 5-10 minutes away depending on the lights but my favorite beaches are about 45-60 minutes away.
    Thanks for you comment on my blog. Yes, I think we have much in common and I am really looking forward to meeting you and having some fun together 🙂