Yesterday was a rainy one–all day it came down sometime harder but usually lightly.
We went to the museum in the morning and thoroughly enjoyed the Pinturicchio show. We both felt like it was the perfect size for us. Not so overwhelmingly big that you feel drained at the end. The English audio guide was great and well worth the 5euros.
Lunch was back at Altro Mondo. I had a nice light seafood pasta dish and Ken had taglieirini with boar sauce, a favorite. We got salads for dessert and they were nice–great Umbrian olive oil and balsamic from Modena.
We managed a walk in the afternoon, with umbrellas, to a beautiful view spot behind the duomo. But, for the most part, we stayed in and read and relaxed.
Dinner was at Osteria Bartolo, from the slow food book. At first I was really antsy in there. The place is really small, with about 8 tables and right near us was a foursome of loud talking , pompous, boastful British men and two American women. They were kind of driving us nuts until we just started to drink a fabulous Brunello di Montalcino. Interesting–I had asked if they had any half bottles–the place has an extensive list. He said no but…he came out from the back with this bottle of Brunello that had about three quarters left in it. I said “va bene” and it was well worth the 20euro he charged us for it. The menu was almost all beef dishes which was a little disconcerting to me but I ordered the special pasta of the day which was strognozzi with meatballs and zuchini. The meatballs were so tasty! and each one about the size of a marble–tiny and yummy. Ken had lentil soup which was just OK and then he had pasta with beef ragu which he loved. The pasta itself was really nice and homemade as was mine. For my secondo I just had a dish of chard. I swear it was the most delicious thing I’ ve had in a long time. We also enjoyed a fablous dessert called crema di mascarpone–like a very light mousse with little pieces of very dark chocolate on top. We shared it with a glass of sweet malvasia wine. It was the perfect pairing–each sip revealing the flavors of the sweet.
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