We left L’Aquila in the late morning after a little walk. The drive through the Grand Sasso mountains was gorgeous except when we were in the long tunnel.
We remembered how to get into town from the autostrada but once in the centro, we went on a bit of a wild goose chase to get to the tiny street where the Albergo Piceno is.
Finally I called the hotel from the car and Cristina talked us through, turn by turn, until we arrived. She came running our to the front and we were all laughing and I gave her a big hug.
Of course, by the time we got checked into the room and settled we were hungry. And it started to rain. So, we walked out into the Piazza Arringo and spoted Migliori, walked right in. It is a place with a deli-style glass case displaying several lunch options. You can take out or eat there–there is a little room in the back as well as about 5 tables in the main space. I went a little overboard ordering (that’s becoming a bad habit) but the veggies looked so good! I had spinach, cicoria, eggplant and a piece of roasted turkey. Ken had gnocchi pomodoro and a plate of artichokes. The vegetables really “hit the spot” for me. Great lunch!
We walked and walked after the rain finally stopped. This town is just so pretty! Ken kept looking in the real estate office windows at what was for sale–just a fantasy, but I think we would really be happy if we ever did move here.
Here’s a photo I took from our bed–Can you see the rainbow?
We were too full for a real dinner so we stopped in a a wine bar nearby–there are several. A young man was in there whose English was about on par with my Italian. We had so much fun talking with him–mostly about the vino. We drank the local Rosso Piceno which we both remember enjoying on the last visit. Before we knew it Lucca was a friend. And when he left, he went to the bar and quietly paid for our wine. So sweet–so quintessentially Italian.
After the snacks at the wine bar we really weren’t hungry so we just walked around. the town is even more picturesque at night as the lights reflect off the travertine.
Thanks everyone, for the comments.
A domani…


Beautiful Ascoli Piceno — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds like a perfect first day in Ascoli Piceno. What a nice gesture and so typically Italian to be treated to your wine. It really does look like a beautiful town from your pictures. No wonder Valerie and Brian chose it for their home in Italy! You have me very excited at the thought of spending some time there next year I hope.

  2. Jan, I’m also enjoying your blog.
    Beautiful rainbow photo…..you certainly captured the treasure at the end of the rainbow…Italy!
    Enjoy every moment and morsel!!
    La tua amica,

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  5. we enjoyed reading this blog, you have a great writing style! I have sent a link to my dad, and will definately be returning back for more updates.