This morning we felt completely “adjusted” to the city and Genoa was happy to provide lots of interest.
We walked and walked all morning long. We went into one church but I don’t really remember which one it was. We stood and stared for a long time at the San Lorenzo church. Its black and white striped marble facade fascinated us. My favorite stop of the day was at Piazza Dante–part of a very medieval looking castle, stand tall (Porta Soprana) there right beside the delicate ruins of a 12th century cloister.
All the while people are bustling around the streets and the juxtaposition of past and present is startlingly apparent.
We were so excited all day, waiting for Cecelia (yes, cec from ST) and David. They finally made it in the late afternoon–very tired from the long train ride from Nice but happy to be here. We walked some more with them; first of all to the beautiful fountain at Piazza de Ferrari:
We were imagining going home “after school” to a place like this:
These buildings are mostly banks now but long ago…
Sensational dinner tonight! I had read about Enoteca Infernotta on Mario Batali’s site and it was fantastic. We stared with pasta (it’s so much fun to have friends here for so many reasons, not the least of which is I get to taste more dishes at meals!). The mandilli–handkerchiefs of pasta, with pesto were perfect. The pesto here is totally puree with no flecks of basil visible–just a thin, bright green, sauce. Ken had borage (we think) ravioli with a chunky meat sauce. David’s choice was black and yellow lingune with squid–very rich seafood flavor. For secondi we all had veal Milanese which was perfectly cooked with potatoes and lemon wedge on the side. There was no wine list–just the consiglia (advice) of the owner. So, we drank a white first, from Savonna–a pigato–light and refreshing. Next we had a Rosso from the colli di Luni–tasted like a nice chianti. I had a delicious light amber colored grappa afterwards which I loved.
We had a nice swift walk back to the hotel afterward–all in all another great day!


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  1. Wonderful photos, Jan — I’d like to see Genoa. The beautiful building with the dome behind looks very much like one in the movie Agata e la tempesta, which was shot in Genoa.