Diana just walked by, gathering herbs to make, who knows what, delectable treat for our breakfast. That pretty much sums up our lifestyle here at Baur B&B. Arrival from Genoa was a breeze–only took about an hour and all of our luggage did fit into the trunk of our Peugeot 308 after Ken worked on it like a fun puzzle for a little while.
It is fun walking around town, remembering, getting our bearings. Here’s a picture of the Piazza Bolente where the hot water comes from the ground:
We have spent a lot of time relaxing, reading, and talking by the pool. Yesterday’s adventure was taking Cecelia to the Pronto Socorso (Emergency room) to get an xray of her rib. We were there only about an hour and a half to be told nothing is broken. Cost: $0.00. I think all the rest is helping her recover.
We had a sensational lunch at I Caffi. Only, I didn’t really like what I ordered by I wanted to try try it. I had the merluzzo, which is salt cod–now I know I don’ t like it–too salty and fishy for me. Cecelia had the best dish–slices of “fassone” which is an older veal–young beef–fanned out around a timbale of black rice with some delicious grilled radichio on the side. David had the simple ravioli al plin and Ken a beautiful salad with duck breast and fruit and pate. We all shared one dessert which was a whole peach stuffed with chocolate and baked–totally decadent.

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