Here’s me with Barb and Art who are living out so many friend’s fantasies.
And here are 2 shots from our visit to Gubbio. I was crazy about these seemingly ancient olive trees planted in a very modern little piazza. You can see, they’re not very tall but the trunks are so fat you can tell they are really old.
And this is one of the Roman Theater:
Today it’s a little rainy and overcast so we are going to Sarzana to find the Lavanderia


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  1. That Roman Theatre is one of my favs, Jan. Once when we were there a caretaker was working. We were able to ask him why grass was planted in the seating area. He said it was to protect the stone underneath from weathering.

  2. Jan, there are some seriously old olive trees in Puglia (like 500 years), with trunks I couldn’t wrap my arms around. In Israel, we saw one in the Garden of Getsemane (sp) that reportedly has been there since the time of Jesus.