Well, I admit to being an emotional mess when Ken left yesterday morning but I have rallied (just as Diana predicted) and now I can honestly say, “This is really fun!”
I found an internet place where I can upload my photos but I forgot to bring the cord so–next time.
After driving Ken to Malpensa I went to Acqui to check in at La Loggia. I really love my tiny, comfortable room. It feels really safe, the shower is great and so is the AC. Who can ask for more for 43 euros a night? I took a nice walk and ended up at Xbacco for lunch. I asked the friendly waiter what the X is all about. He said X sounds like “per” and Bacco is Baccus and the phrase perbacco is like the exclamation “Oh my god” for us. He explained all this in Italian so I may have the whole thing wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.
I ate an appetizer of little meatballs in vinegar sauce– “en carpione” and a salad. the perfect light lunch for me on this hot humid day. The grisini (bread sticks) and arneis wine were lovely, too. I had fun people watching and just slowing down and enjoying my own company.
Most of the afternoon I spent reading a junk novel in the air conditioned room. It’s just too hot outside to walk around in the heat of the day. In the evening, I strolled some, got a piadina to go and went back to the room to watch the Europe Cup Final. Spain won and by one minute after the game ended I was asleep.
So, I made it through my first day as a solo traveler. I’m excited about starting language classes on Tues.


Sono da sola–on my own — 2 Comments

  1. Jan, how did I miss that Ken was leaving? Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve never really traveled solo – I think eating out alone may intimidate me but it’s something I would like to try (having experienced solo days in Paris and NYC).

  2. the meaning of Xbacco is exactly that, it’s a very nice restaurant, the food is great not ot talk about the wine… believe me I’ve been there many times….