Wednesday afternoon we drove to Torino. Diana gave us great directions and it took a little bit over an hour. We parked in the underground lot near the train station and took a cab to our first stop–“Eataly”– a haven for foodies with goods from all over the country and an interesting (but not really great–downright disappointing– eating) upscale food court. Since we were not really in a position to be buying anything, we really just passed through and left.
We took another cab (this driver was a football, not soccer, player and was thrilled to talk NFL with us) back to the centro and made a beeline for the church where the Shroud of Turin is kept. We saw the photos and David was really glad to have gone.
After a long walk back, including a gelato stop, we met Fabrizio who would be our informal guide for the next couple of hours. By the time we met him we were all overheated and really beat. Luckily he has a nice air conditioned car so he drove us around the city for a while and it was very informative. We did get out and walk arond the Palazzo Reale area. He showed us so many fascinating buildings and locations that I now think Torino deserves its own week!
We really wanted to get back to watch the soccer match but hunger got the better of us and we stopped in Nizza Monferrato for dinner at Due Lanterne. It was very good! Later I discovered it is in the Slow Food book.
We got back just in time to see the last minute of the game with Germany winning–we could hear Diana and her friend, Birgit, cheering downstairs.

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