July First! Amazing!
Today I finallly started language class and I remember how much I love it. It just stirs the right part of my brain. Grazia is the teacher (found through Diana) and she is perfect for me–patient, go with the flow, but teaching every minute. She talked to us a bit about history of Italy and how the war (WWII) was fought right here–what happened to her uncle and mother during it. It makes it so real, much more so than reading a book. There is one other woman, Elizabeth, in my class and she is very nice. We went to lunch together after the class. I am thrilled I am doing it!
Susan, who is reluctant to have her picture taken, arrived yesterday. I drove the three minute drive to the train station to pick her up so she didn’t have to roll her suitcases through town. I took her on a little walk right around our place and we got gelato. She was into the pesca (peach) and I tried it and it was fantastic! (Of course, I dripped some on my shirt so I used my “Dash pen” I bought in Ascoli and amazingly the stain came out.) My limone gelato was SO good with the peach–it made me think of my Dad who loved lemon stuff. So many things here in Italy make me think of him…
Susan and I went to visit Diana for a while in the afternoon and that was really nice. I was immediately sucked in to “my” lounge chair there and almost fell asleep. Only the lively conversation kept me awake. It is amazing to observe Diana in action with the workers there. She is shuch a pro! the consumate European woman.
Dinner was at the Trattoria Commercio. I ordered the recommendation of the young waitress–pappardelle con sugo della casa–a mix of pesto, cream and tomatoes, which was very good. With that I had a side of spinach and it made a nice dinner for me. We both drank the mediocre house white wine and both woke up with headaches. this was after I bragged to Susan that I never get headaches in Italy–oh well.
It is interesting how all the Italians are so ready to talk about Obama. As soon as you let on that you aren’t for Bush they enthuse about Obama and the new chance for America. I guess they are so used to changing governments it’s a big part of their lives.
The photo uploading thing is a mystery to me here so I don’t think it will happen until I get home.
The weather is a lot nicer today. Warm but not too hot. I am so glad to be here!
Next stop–I have resolve an issue with my phone. I bought a “ricaricard” and when I scraped off the covering, the code went with it. so I have to go to the TIM store and see if I can get another one.


Acqui Terme — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like a great class, Jan!
    Hope everything worked out okay with your ricaricard — I recently read Pauline’s notes about buying an Italian cell phone, which included her description of doing exactly the same thing!