I am sitting at Balala having a coffee because my friend Kris’ flight to Malpensa has been delayed so I have a couple of hours to kill.
Yesterday I followed Susan, the queen of the trains, on an adventure to Nizza Monferrato. Shortly after we got there, we inquired about the tower (Susuan loves towers!) and before we knew it we had a private guide, Matteo, to climb the 16th century tower. It wasn’t too high or frightening at all. The view from the top was amazing! We walked and walked and my photo memory card ran out of memory! We asked about a camera store and were told that they didn’t stock my kind of card but for 2 euros they burned all my pictures onto a CD so I now have a fresh card.
We came back and rested our feet at La Loggia and I went for another long walk. I am still finding lovely little surprises here in Acqui. As I came around a corner, the doors to a courtyard on Piazza Levi were open and I saw a beautiful statue of a ballerina!
I was dissappointed I didn’t bump into Elizabeth all day. All the stores are having big sales so I bought Kathryn another little gift.
Susan, Birgit, Diana and I had a date to meet for a glass of wine at the Piazza Bolente at 5;30 but Gregorio’s new wine bar wasn’t open. Birgit cheers–So we get gelato! so we did. I took a great picture of her and another of Diana in the easy evening light. They both looked so beautiful!
Then we went to the wine bar. First I had a Piemontese Rose sparkler which was OK –followed by a nice glass of Arneis which I have really come to appreciate. It is the perfect wine for the hot weather and plentiful, light snacks. We stayed there for a couple of hours while busy Diana ran errands. She came back for a glass of Sangria which everyone was praising. They use brachetto vodka and calvodos in it!
I was really not hungry but I decided to keep Susan company for dinner and I had it in my mind to get one more pesto before I left the area. We went to the Royal Hotel where Susan loves the pizza and I had a really good plate of trofie with pesto. SO SO full, we walked home.
I got toatally packed last night thinking we would be leaving very early but Ken called in the middle of the night to warn me about the flight delay.
One last walk in lovely Acqui. I will really miss it here.

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