Finally made it to Malpensa after a harrowing experience returning the rental car. Waiting for Kris was so exciting–I was jumping up and down when she finally appeared. Susan went to catch the bus as soon as we got to the arrivals area of the airport. We went to Milano Centrale to get our train tickets and the first thing I hear is my name–there was Susan. Kris got her first coffee and proscuitto panino at the station while we waited for the train. The ride was so easy and comfortable. There was barely anyone else in the car with us all the way to Venice.
We were so excited and it was already 7pm when we got off the train. We ran to buy our boat tickets and jumped on the first number 2 we saw. After about 5 minutes I said to Kris “I have a feeling we are going the wrong way” and sure enough we were! Luckily Marco Passi called on my cell and told us just get off and take the first one coming back and he would meet us at Campo San Toma which he did. So happy to be in our lovely Corte Tiepolo apartment, we just quickly washed up and set out for dinner. We ate a Vivaldi, very nearby.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal there especially the rigatoni with pomodoro and black olives. I had really been in the mood for some tomato sauce! I drank a nice bright Sicilian white and Kris had a half bottle of Lungarotti red. The tables are close there and everyone is very friendly which we loved UNTIL– a couple came and sat beside us. They were traveling around Italy from Holland. They drove us both nuts! They were so smug, arrogant and presumptuous, as if we would be totally entertained by his political commentary throughout our whole meal. We couldn’t wait to say goodbye to them!
Today we went to the COOP and got some basics and have done a ton of walking. San Marco is a total zoo! We are determined to stay on “our” side of the canal from now on.
Right now we are in the shelter of a wonderful air conditioned internet place taking a little break.
Venice is beautiful still, but strikes me as an abused child for now.


Long travel day — 3 Comments

  1. I am enjoying your blog so much. Reading about your travel experiences gives me such pleasure. Take care Jan and all the best as you travel. Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog while you were traveling! It was fun jumping back and forth between your blog and Girasoli’s while you were together!
    I’d love to know why Venice seemed like an “abused child” and also hear more about where you ate in Venice!