This morning, as I was walking to the internet place, I realized that I really love to stay in one place for 2 weeks, especially if it’s a place I really like. I am so comfortable here, now. The faces in the streets are becoming familar as are the streets themselves (no more searching the map). This place has a nice peaceful rhythm and I am feeling very simpatico with it. I am starting to notice so many more details of the buildings, the beautiful doors, the pastel pallette, the 3-D painting around the windows… It is really a beautiful small town.
This morning I went to the cafe in Piazza San Guido. I especially like that one because they have “brioche piccolla”–a small sweet croisant and of course, good coffee. I almost always get a double cafe macchiato. I sat outside this morning and did my homewrok. Prepositions! Yuck!!! The class continues to be very satisfying to me. Yesterday, after the class, Elizabeth invited Susan and me to lunch in her apartment. It is right in town, very near everything. And it is big and beautiful. We were really impressed. It was so nice to eat some chicken–it was just leftover, cold chicken and a salad she put together quickly but we really loved it.
Susan and I took a walk to the train station afterwards and went up to the beautiful gardens “Acqui Birdgarden”. ( It was getting pretty hot by then but most of the day was really comfortable as is this morning.) We both took a lot of pictures of the flowers and views at the garden. In the evening we visited Diana and her wonderful friend Birgit. We also met the hysterical, Gregorio, who has recently opened a wine bar in the Piazza Bollente. Listening to his stories, mostly about his 2 years as a waiter in NYC was really entertaining.
Telephone situation was easily resloved. I just took the bad card to the TIM store and they were able to get the money reinstated. I did need to have my passport to show him, for some reason. He advised that, from now on, I just go to the TIM store to get the credit on their computer and not mess with the cards–fine with me. Especially since I expect there will be plenty of stores in Venice, next week.


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  1. Jan, sounds like such a wonderful time you are having. I am enjoying reading all about it.