Actually, this cake was the first thing I baked from Gina’s book. I love the citrusy bright flavor and the polenta texture.
I used the “instant” polenta from our Fresh Market. My friend Cecelia tried to make regular polenta from this stuff and we both agreed it was awful, but for baking, it’s great.
The cake took longer to bake by about 15 minutes than the recipe says. After two 5 minute additions I kind of forgot about it so maybe it was ready a little sooner. It was drier this time than the last.
I used an orange slice and lemon balm leaves from my garden to garnish and I served it with cinnamon whipped cream and strong coffee.
It’s had to believe the Sunday Slow Bakers are finished with Dolce Italiano! I plan to go back and try some of the recipes I missed while in Italy.


Polenta Cake — 3 Comments

  1. Jan – your cake looks amazing! I wish I had baked mine for another 10 minutes. Oh well – next time it will be perfect! *smile*

  2. Jan, Welcome back from your wonderful trip. I really enjoyed following your travels. Thanks so much for taking us along on your adventures. Want to hear more, and see the photos. Enjoy and relax now that you are home.

  3. Welcome back, Jan, and congratulations on one of the two polenta cakes of the Slow Bakers that didn’t sink in the middle!