This is totally crazy!
We are here, in Jacksonville. We’re staying at the Hampton Inn, Deerwood Park, which is just like every other Hampton, which is to say just fine. There is wireless in the room so I can write this while Kathryn is still asleep. Amazing that this is the last night we’ll spend with her for quite a while. Ken and I have already been to the “fitness center” and put in our 30 minutes on the 2 treadmills there. There’s some wind picking up right now and it’s been raining lightly all morning. Tropical Storm Fay is still off shore which leaves us on the western side for now. More rough weather is expected later today.
At 9:30 we are supposed to go to the dorm for Kathryn to meet her roommate and finish unpacking. Coming over yesterday for “drop and go” worked out great! We beat the storm here so the drive was smooth and it was just comfortably warm and breezy instead of the typical blazing, oppressively hot for all the unloading. All the kids look in a bit of a daze but the constant smiles and excitement of the returning students is contagious to the newbies.
We made our first shopping foray to Bed Bath and Beyond for a full length mirror, trash basket, etc. Today we will hit Wal Mart for a fan and cleaning supplies. They have to clean their own bathrooms–That’s a good laugh!
Luckily I had asked on for restaurant ideas and there were some good suggestions. Turned out Bamboo Creek is a short walk from this hotel and we enjoyed the dim sum there (something we do not have in Tallahassee). I also enjoyed a martini!
Ken is in the shower and I am next. Ready for the adventures today–standing in many lines, probably, and watching my little girl become a college woman right before my eyes.


Jacksonville U and Fay — 2 Comments

  1. Jan, I was wondering how it was going at the college drop with the storm – thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. So glad it’s all working out in Jax! We’re bracing for Fay in Tallahassee—they called off school for tomorrow. Maybe you should stay put until Saturday, though I’m not sure it’ll be any better then! Keep us posted…