Well, the insanity continues.
We traipsed all over the campus yesterday in the rain and wind. Finally in the late afternoon the school cancelled everything for the rest of the day.
Kathryn seems to be holding up well. She was really excited when her roommate arrived. Her dad is funny—very paranoid about the girls having a window on the first floor (I guess he has a point but it is fixed glass) and he went on and on about the dangers of athletes foot.
We made it to the book store to get most of her books (a couple were out of stock) cha-ching $$ 730!
Kathryn seems to have the fewest clothes of all the girls. Given that all she ever wears are jeans and t-shirts I understand why. We left her to return the hotel and make a Wal Mart run.
Then Ken and I went back to the Bamboo Creek for another really terrific Chinese dinner. We ate potstickers, steamed shrimp with dried scallops (really light, fresh and delicious) and a half of a roast duck. They even have brown rice there! Ken had a couple of beers and I had very nice jasmine tea and the bill was only $40. They were so welcoming to us—second night in a row—it reminded me of returning to restaurants in Italy.
We came back to the hotel to watch the Olympics and listen to the winds whipping around outside. It seems like a real Tropical Storm now.
This morning we are waiting for Kathryn to call so we can deliver the Wal Mart stuff and get on our way. I guess we will skip all the parent seminars at JU. We are exhausted by the storm, somehow—tired of getting wet and fighting the wind as we walk. I’m a little nervous about driving home in the weather but it will be a couple of days ‘til it clears out and we don’t want to wait.
I can’t wait to see Kathryn this morning. I wonder if she slept; I wonder what she ate; I wonder where they put their towels since we still have the sticky hooks in our trunk.
She’s on her own now—pretty freaky!


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  1. This post and the one before brought back so many memories.
    You did a great job putting it all into words.
    In a blink of the eye, however, she will be in her mid-thirties and you will have grandkids. 🙂

  2. Hi Jan! Happy to hear that your daughter is all settled in. Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. I am sure she will be just fine. You on the other hand better be careful driving in all that bad weather. I have seen some of it on CNN and it looks pretty nasty. Take care and please update when you arrive home.

  3. Jan, I hope all is going well. Please keep us posted. As others have said who have walked this road as a mom, we are with you. Kathryn is so very lucky and I know she knows it, to have parents like you and Ken. Hard to leave her but I know she will be fine. Take care. Barb C.