I am always in search of a wonderful chocolate cake. A great weekend, to me, involves baking AND eating one. My favorite moment is hearing that special sound the knife makes cutting into the totally freshly made cake–total satisfaction!
This cake, with caramel filling was in Bon Appetit September issue. Here’s a link to the recipe:
I remember lots of talk on ST about the salty caramels that have been all the rage so I thought I would try this cake. I was a bit too timid with the salt, putting a small pinch, instead of a generous one, between each layer, so the finished cake didn’t have a really salt kick but it was really rich and delicious.
here’s mine:
I took a quarter of it to neighbors. Whatever is left after today, I have to take to school tomorrow so I don’t eat it all week.


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  1. Jan –
    That cake looks and sounds FABULOUS. I’m a huge sucker for salted caramel anything (and I’m pretty generous with salt 😉 ), so am printing the recipe right now! YUM.
    Thanks for sharing!