I voted!
What an uplifting experience.
Voting is nothing new for me. I am a real “regular” but this time it was magic. Ken and I went on Wednesday afternoon, around 3:00. There was a short line so it took about 25 minutes, start to finish. There were so many faces of color, a policeman, some students, some typical downtown types and us. The man behind us was an older African American gentleman. He wore his Obama button and a big, friendly smile. We talked some about the excitement in the air and the history we were making there. He had been there on Monday but there were so many students, he said, that he decided to return when the line was shorter. Great news!
Everytime a first time voter actually voted, the election workers cheerfully announced “First Time Voter” and they all cheered. Good for them!
Our famous supervisor of elections, Ion Sancho was strutting around with his straw hat and Chesire cat grin.
Ken and I held hands as we walked away–a couple of blocks to where the car was parked.
We did it. Now we just wait.
1o more days!!!


Voting — 3 Comments

  1. Jan, good for you. Mom waited over 2 hours. She said a woman arrived, asked how long the line was and my mom said “About 2 hours.” She said, “Not worth it,” and started to leave. My Mom, and a policeman standing there both said, “It’s definitely worth it. It’s important,” but she still left. Tis a shame.

  2. The anticipation is killing me. So is some of the ugliness. I’ll be glad when the election (the most important presidential election ever) is over. Go Obama!