Well, this was a very easy Photo Hunt for me. I was really fascinated by the Roman ruins in Gubbio. We enjoyed the museum there as well as the beautiful theater ruin with wildflowers and weeds growing all around it.
So here it is:
I am having a very nice day today. The weather is shifting from muggy high 60’s with moody gray clouds, this morning to breezy mid 60’s with brilliant sun amid fast moving white puffy cloud this afternoon. You can really feel the cold front, which will please Ken so much, approaching.
Cooking a belated dinner for Anthony tonight–trying out the “garlic shrimp pasta” from the last issue of Cooks Illustrated (my favorite of all the magazines I get). And I’m also going to make grilled pineapple shortcakes. This dessert is my own idea; I’ll let you all know how it turns out.


Photo Hunt–“Ruin” — 4 Comments

  1. So, we’re waiting… how was dinner? I figured out a way to tell people about fall in the desert: we know it’s autumn in the desert when the temperatures are in the 60’s… at night.