I’ve been a bad blogger but I plan to redeem myself starting with the soup of this week.
Here’s my pot of soup cooking away.
I loved throwing in the arugula because we have a garden full of it and it tastes great, mild and rich, this time of year. I made a bit of a mistake with my little meatballs. Because I had one and a third pounds of ground turkey, I increased the spices accordingly. I should have known better! What was I thinking??? They were way overly spiced with nutmeg and allspice. Some of it cooked out after adding them to the soup and we managed to eat them (and really enjoy them) but realizing that I had totally blown it did color my experience a little.
We drank a funny wine called “Fruit Bomb” from Washington State, with the soup. The wine was only $10 a bottle but I probably won’t buy it again. It was a blend of Syrah, Cab Franc, Merlot and Cab Sauvignon. And guess what–it was a fruit bomb. I’m just spoiled but wine with a real backbone but for $10 it was fine.
Here’s the soup in the bowl. I did the orzo separately because I knew we would have lots of left-overs and I didn’t want the pasta to turn to mush.
The soup is so pretty in the bowl!

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