A keeper, for sure! The Asparagus Soup was not too thick, not too thin–it was just right! Can you tell I’ve been doing Goldilocks at preschool all week?
Instead of leeks, I saw beautiful Vidalia green onions at the farmer’s market (I know I should have taken a photo). They look a lot like leeks only a little bigger bulb at the bottom and they’re shiny. They worked great in the soup, subtle but giving a nice flavor on which to build the asparagus and potatoes. Buying local, super fresh ingredients makes me happy and usually enhances the end product.
Ken didn’t like the amaretti cookie crumble but I thought it took the whole thing to another level.
You can see my glass of scotch (Johnny Walker Black, if you’re interested) in the photo, next to the soup bowl. Since I know asparagus is difficult to pair with wine, I stuck to the scotch I had been sipping during the cooking. It worked. Ken drank a Liberty School Syrah we had already opened the night before and said it really was awful with the soup. We had “sausage dogs” as our second course and the wine was really good with that. Really a crazy dinner–the soup was really elegant, refined and pretty and the sausage dogs were the total opposite. Oh well…
Thanks to my good friend, Palma, for this lovely recipe.


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