Mine was delicious but I think I used WAY too many greens–the whole bunch–which I didn’t have the forethought to weigh or measure. I bought some called “Kalarrds” at the farmers market.
Also, I think I gave away my potato masher so I used the immersion blender in there a little bit which made it cloudy and thicker. When you take a ladle full it’s mostly a whole lotta greens. Good think I love greens!
Still a very yummy, hearty treat–I especially love the crispy chorizo. I couldn’t believe how much red fat was left in the frying pan after about 8 minutes.


Slow Soupers–Caldo Verde — 1 Comment

  1. Mine was heavy on the greens too but I love them too!
    And you were right…Anthony Bourdain DID eat moeche in Venice on his show. Yum!