The white camellias are my favorites. This one is called Nuccio’s Gem and it is growing outside our bedroom window. I have another young plant that is Nuccio’s Pearl but it hasn’t bloomed yet. I think it need a couple more years. It’s flowers are the palest pink.
And this one is similar but has pointier petals. It’s called Sea Foam.
Aren’t they gorgeous!


Camellias–Two beauties — 10 Comments

  1. Jan, you are doing very well at this “blogging every day” business. I like going to your page and finding something new each day. Good photos, too (esp. like that one of Kenny washing dishes…very appealing)…the camellias really are gorgeous. Ours don’t look so good after the frosts…why are yours so nice?

  2. Beautiful photos, Jan. I wish some flowers were blooming here in Philly. It is freezing outside today! I am so ready for spring!

  3. They really are easy to grow. I have one that keeps getting diseases but for the most part, after the first year or two when we fertilize them, we don’t do anything.