Well, I jumped right in with those steadfast slow travel bloggers and said I would do it–blog ever day in February. Some posts can be short (most will be) and some cand be long. It’s just for fun.
I wanted to tell about our absolutely sensational Super Bowl meal. Nothing fancy but surely tasty, full of gusto and quite nutritious.
Cec and David invited us for a chicken chili she made from an Ina Garten recipe with a little flourish of her own. It was full of red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, chunks of baked chicken and beans–truly fabulous. We also had a terrific cornbread that Cec made using a new kind of corn meal that accentuated the corn flavor really nicely. David made some beans with onions, olive oil and garlic. And I made greens from the garden (a mix of collards and kale) with bacon.
Sometimes we work hard and think and cook all day. This was a quick and easy meal but totally satisfying. We drank some inexpensive Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Crest) with it and enjoyed the Super Bowl.
Here’s the tease– I made, for dessert, my mother in law’s mandel bread.
Recipe and pictures of those…


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  1. This sounds like such a great Super Bowl meal! I love chicken chili and haven’t made any this winter since I’ve been making other soups.