So I’ve blown the diet.
Friday evening and I’m thinking I’m dying for some nice pasta and good company.
Ken is all for it. F**k the diet.
To make things merrier, we call Anthony and Lyn and invite them to come over and eat with us. Of course, they accept and brought some nice wine, too.
So, I start cooking with some boneless skinless chicken breast (perfect diet food).
I cut them into little chunks, dredged them in a little bit of flour and browned them in some olive oil. Then I threw a big, diced red onion in the pan with a little more oil and eventually added a bunch of chopped garlic. Then my favorite part–I deglazed the pan with some red wine–
Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoes, some salt and pepper and a bit of chopped, fresh rosemary.
We made some ziti, a salad and I roasted some brussels sprouts.
It turned out to be a great little dinner.
We kept “enjoying” ourselves with some limoncello and grappa after dinner.
Ken and Anthony had fun cleaning up,
Now the other three are tossing around expletives as they talk intense politics, even envoking the names of Dan Quayle, Cheney and Burris. I am smiling as I post .
Good food and good friends–it doesn’t get much better than this.


Friday night fun — 3 Comments

  1. My diet theory is that you deserve one ‘free meal’ a week. you have to allow some pleasure because diets are such bloody hard work. It sounds like you had a brilliant time on your ‘free night’!

  2. It doesn’t look like your diet took such a horrible hit, well, unless you guys really got into the bottles! I’m with Jerry, everyone needs a good meal, and good friends with whom to share it, at least once a week.