After posting yesterday, I can’t stop thinking about Venice. The week spent there last summer was so full and so fine. My great friend and travel partner, Kris, met me for the last week of my 6 week trip. ( The first month, I spent with my husband.) We rented the Corte Tiepolo apartment in San Polo, right on the Grand Canal. Lots of time was spent watching out the windows, dreamy eyed, just taking it all in. Immediately outside was a docking area for gondole. People have asked if it was noisy and it really wasn’t. Listening to the rhythms of the city we love all day was a treat. At night the closed windows left us in a quiet sanctuary.
So, here are just a few of the many photos I took, from our window.
Here’s one really “duded up” gondola. I half expected to see fuzzy Dice hanging in there somewhere.
Here’s a wierd night shot.
And here’s Kris, hangin’ out, watching Venice go by like our own private show.
By the way, we thought our location was great! It was about a three minute walk to the San Toma vaporetto stop. We were surrounded by great shopping, restaurants and churches.


La Serenissima — 7 Comments

  1. Nice pictures, now I want to go back, and believe me, this is not happening for a long while.

  2. Love your photos and memories! LOL about the fuzzy dice (it does look that way!). I stayed in that area one time too and really enjoyed that part of Venice. Of course, there’s no bad part of that city.
    Love these Venice posts – keep ’em coming!

  3. That apartment looks so lovely! I’ve had it bookmarked for ages, I’ll bet it was beautiful.
    Your photos are wonderful, especially that tarted-up gondola — you’re so right, fuzzy dice would fit right in there, along with an Elvis soundtrack playing in the background.

  4. Ok, this is the second post on Venice that I have read this evening. I am tortured now. I have not been to Venice, so now I really, really want to go.

  5. Beautiful photos! I am glad you are blogging about your stay in Venice. I remember looking at that apartment when planning my trip to Venice 2 years ago.

  6. Sigh…La Serenissima really is a great name for this wonderful city, isn’t it?! My first visit was in March/06 with my mom, and we too felt the pull of her mystical rhythm. Unfortunately my husband’s first experience was in full summer and the crowds did him in, so he has yet to succumb to Venice’s charms – he has zero desire to ever return 🙁 Oh well, I’ll have to go without him!