Oh No! I missed yesterday! So I will do this little post early this morning (it’s about 6:30am here) and try to do another tonight.
Here are the extenuating circumstances.
We are in Miami AND there is no wireless signal where we are staying.
We drove down here yesterday. It’s 7+ hours of boring interstate driving. The big occasion we are here to celebrate is Ken’s dad’s (drum roll here) 100th birthday. There will be a party at his condo today. I plan to take some pictures to post. Hard to believe, 100!
I am so impressed here by the tropicalness (I know that’s not a real word but you get the idea) of all the plants. There are lots of impatiens blooming everywhere and the requisite palm trees are blowing in the breeze. There are also mosquitos.
Dinner last night was at the trendy and very local Hiro’s Yaakko San. It’s always written u as the place all the chefs go to eat after work. At 630 on a Thurs. niht there were plenty of tables but by the time we left they were full. The menu has a lot of things a more adventurous eater could try. One dish was called half dry local sardines and I almost went for it but I know I would have been the only one at the table to try it. Ken loved the stir fried noodle dish he chose. The noodles were so thick and yummy. My pick was a spicy manilla clam app. and stir fried veggies. We loved the clams with their spicy broth but Ken and my mom thought the veggies were boring. I do love my vegetables so I enjoyed it–with beansprouts, mushrooms, napa, carrots and scallions. We also all shared the ginger pork and it was nothing special. The restaurant always get high marks on Chow Hound and I can see why.
We cam home and watched Idol for 2 ridiculous hours. Why they make a 1 hour show into 2–oh yeah–money. Anyway we watched with my mom and it was nice to chat during the commercials.
Today’s the big party. More tonight


Out of Sync–Traveling — 5 Comments

  1. Considering your circumstances of travelling and all I’d say you are doing well posting at all.
    Happy Happy Birthday to your FIL. 100 years…my what he has seen in his lifetime. Have a wonderful celebration. Look forward to hearing about the party.

  2. It’s so wonderful that you can all be there to celebrate a 100th birthday – congratulations to the birthday boy. I was doing ok with Idol last night because I could fast forward through the commercials, but Seacrest is irritating me earlier in this season than I ever was before – not a good omen.