Our house is on a large lot, about 1.6 acres. Lucky for us, our back yard ends at a fence which contains a cow pasture. They make great neighbors. They show up seasonally and they’ve been around the last few weeks. Sometimes there’s a bull out there who “screams” at length but, in general, they’re very quiet and peaceful. Ken goes down there to try to pet them but he’s rarely successful. He says they really stink!
Most of them are black and white but there’s one with brown spots. I don’t like to think about their future.
I didn’t really have the patience to hang around and get a good photo but this one is the best, I think.
Cows–just love ’em.


The Cows are our Neighbors — 4 Comments

  1. Funny – that doesn’t mesh with my image of Florida one bit! Thanks for challenging my assumptions . . . I need that!

  2. Seem like pretty peaceful neighbors! No wild parties, for instance. I am a horse lover so whenever I see cows I for some silly reason compare them to horses. And they really are not very comparable…