I love our book group! Somehow we got the name of “LunaChics Literary Guild” but I don’t really remember how.
We started meeting in October of 1992 when we read “The Crown of Columbus.” Almost everyone hated it! I hosted the first meeting and served wine and pretzels. We rapidly upped the ante and usually the host makes supper for the group. Often the food is thematically related to the book and can range from quite fancy to relatively simple. (That is, unless the book is in a prison or some awful place.)
Lyn K is our historian and keeps track of the books we’ve read and how we rated them. Here’s a link to the list: http://www.gaudioenterprises.com/ratings.htm
Our claim to fame is being mentioned a few times in “The Bookclub Cookbook”
here’s a link to it on amazon:
There are about 11 women in the group. I say “about” because we have one member who kind of comes and goes. We all live in Tallahassee.
We, admittedly, drink a lot of wine at our meetings. Sometimes we talk a lot about the books and sometimes the literary discussion is very short. Mostly we enjoy each others company on a monthly basis, laugh a good amount and talk, talk, talk.
Last month we read “Olive Kitteredge” which was nominated for the Book Critics Circle Award and overall, we loved that book. It’s really worth checking out if you’re looking for a good read.
Tonight we’ll talk about “People of the Book”. I liked it but didn’t love it. OK I admit it. I didn’t finish it.
But I’m still looking forward to hangin’ out with the Luna Chics, tonight.


The LunaChics Literary Guild — 6 Comments

  1. Actually our first meeting (says the historian) was November 17, 1992 at Jan’s and we did read “Crown of Columbus” which we rated a sorry 1 on a scale of 10. The next meeting we did better and read “Mama Day” by Gloria Naylor, which garnered a rating of 9. And then we never stopped…but occasionally we do look back….

  2. I need to take some reading notes, thanks. Tho I swear I am probably the only person I know who is not in a book group, and here I am, the librarian.

  3. Wow — 16 years is a wonderful, long length of time for your book club to exist. Remarkable!
    I’ve belonged to a few book clubs and finally found one that I really enjoy — the women are fun, interesting, but we also take it seriously by reading the books and being prepared to discuss them (along with so many other things!)