Inspired by the recent photo hunt prompt, “Windows” on Slow Trav’s Italy forum, I decided to post a few, shall we say, less typical window shots. There is a classic one or two mixed in.
First, our view from the bathroom window at Hotel Doria Park in Lerici. I smiled completely every time I got out of the shower and glanced out at the picture perfectness there.
Next is my attempt at being artistic. I took this of the window at Baur B&B hwere you can always count on amazing light and colors.
Here’s another window at Baur B&B with Diana working inside. Actually, I don’t think this really looks like her but you can see the colors painted on the walls–all Diana’s fine work.
Last window shot is from Siena. I loved looking at this building from the Piazza del Campo.
I have so many more shots from inside windows and looking at them. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post tomorrow.


Windows–Italy — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful photos Jan.
    There aren’t many letters left…since Anne just did 2 posts on the letter O, that leaves
    U Q V W X Y Z
    I will let you pick your letter. Just leave me a note so I can cross it off in case someone else brave asks for one with so few letters left. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. jan, what I find pretty amusing is that I probably can go home and find pictures from my window at the Doria Park AND one of Diana in her old kitchen. Actually I think I am going to try and find them. Great shots.