This shot is from Todi, Italy.
Rough translation:
If you want peace make peace.
Dedicated on Sept. 11 2003, in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in New York.


Photo Hunt– “Memory” — 8 Comments

  1. Great photo and choice for this week’s photohunt. I am impressed that there is a memorial in Todi for the victims of the terrorist attacks. I wish I saw it when I was in Todi. Where abouts is it?

  2. This is a lovely memorial. I was in Italy right after 9-11 and there was such an outpouring of concern and love.

  3. The park is near where you come up from the “elevator” from the lower parking. If you are walking away from the main piazza towards the big church with all the steps in front, keep going down that street, pass Pane e Vino, at the end of that street is the park.