Although this is not a very nice photo it SO reminds me of the Italian tradition of the Passeggiata. This happens every night in most Italian towns. Before dinner time, the people , young and old, hit the streets and walk.
This picture was taken in L’Aquila, Italy in June 2008. I am quite sure this street no longer exists because of the earthquake last month. If you look closely you will see the street is flooded with walkers, out for the evening passeggiata. In L’Aquila, many of them would be eating gelato and visiting with friends. I think this was on Corso Vittorio Emanuelle but I’m not certain.


Photo Hunt– “Walking” — 4 Comments

  1. Jan this breaks my heart to think the street and the town are not the same as when you took this photograph. I hope the people of L’aquila are getting their lives back. How difficult it must be. This is a good post, however sad.

  2. This is a very special photo. I wonder how many of these people are now homeless or have lost their lives or loved ones. It is so so sad. You are lucky to have visited.

  3. Given the earthquake and its aftermath in L’Aquila, how poignant that you have this picture to share with us.