We all got up with great anticipation and excitement. This is one of the big reasons we came at this time–Amy raced in a sprint triathlon–she had to first, swim one hald mile, bike 15 miles and finish with a 3 mile foot race. She and her brother Bo got up early to go register with their bikes and helmets. They came back home for the long wait until 10:20 when we could make our was over to the pool and start.
We parked the cars and walked to the park. First stop–the participants got a special bracelet to allow them into the bike area.
Amy did beautifully in the pool. I got to be her “counter” for the 18 laps. I was SO choked up I was afraid my voice wouldn’t reach her as I told her 5,10, 15 and then excitedly 17–she had one lap to go.
It was hard to watch the biking. We just sat on a corner and cheered all the racers until first Bo, then Amy flew by.
We walked several blocks back to the park to find a spot at the finish line. What a thrill to see them cross in style!
There were, at the end, lots of tears and huge grins of pride and satisfaction–hugs full of sweat. A great accomplishment!
After the big event, we all got big sandwiches from “Gus’s” and sat outside on the patio. A great rest time followed.
Kev had booked up seats for a sweet jazz show in Cambria for the evening. The drive down the Pacific Coast Highway was, of course, lovely. We enjoyed the music and the sunset and the mellow company. Afterwards, Kev said he had a surprise. He drove us to the Madonna Inn. An old fashioned, over-the-top, Vegas-like hotel with restaurant and dance floor. The decor was so kitchy–lots of pink and red leather, carved wooden flowers, just hilarious stuff, everywhere. We all got pie and cake and coffee and enjoyed to atmosphere. Kev was most proud to show us the mosaic urinal in the men’s room! Every guest room in the hotel has a different theme and they sell postcard of each room.
Kevin was so proud of himself:
Really a great day!


Big Day in San Luis (dedicated to Amy Hewes) — 4 Comments

  1. Now that you’ve been to the SLO area, you should think of returning at the end of January for the SLO Bowl in Paso, with all your Slow Travel buds!

  2. One’s first view of the Madonna Inn is always precious – I believe I was 10 years old.