We are all still a little spaced out from the time change and maybe from the altitude, too. Lake Tahoe is at about 6,200 feet—some of the peaks around it are over 10K feet.
We started the day yesterday with breakfast at Rosie’s Cafe. We all ate pancakes in some form and felt like the food was just OK. The place, right across the street from the lake, was packed with Sunday morning vacationers like us.
Next, we went to Josh and Ellen’s house. It’s a very cute little place but they really want to move because it’s not in very good condition and is freezing in the winter. They have a great garden space in the back. We all rode together, including Rudy, to Truckee to watch Josh play soccer. His team lost but he scored a beautiful goal and it was breezy and sunny–perfect weather for a soccer fan.
We napped in the afternoon and went grocery shopping at a pitiful store called Savemart where everything costs much more than it does in Tallahassee.
For dinner we got pizza and made a salad. Ken and I took a short walk after, down to the lake where, although we were too late for the sunset, the light was still pretty enough for this picture.


Day 2–Tahoe — 4 Comments

  1. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been to Tahoe, and never to stay much longer than a weekend (or until the money ran out). I know folks spend time there; so, I’ll be interested to see/hear your impressions of the place as a vacation destination. Enjoy… and if it’s still there, have a drink at the Summit, at Harrah’s Tahoe, with the redwood bas-relief of the Lake as a mirror behind the bar. The view is memorable.

  2. It’s always frosting on the cake when children live in beautiful places that you can visit – funny, we got to watch our daughter play soccer in Aptos on the July 4th weekend, yes, after all these years.

  3. I have never been to Tahoe. Beautiful shot! What fun that you were able to spend time with your son. Looking forward to reading the rest of your trip posts…