Our day started off with a great little high speed (well, for us) walk on the main road around the lake. There were too many cars for it to be really lovely but we had some nice views and did get to break an early morning sweat.
We drove to Nevada City to visit our wonderful, friend-forever Josie. She was very excited to have us come to her “cow town” which was about an hour and a half drive to the northwest. We talked and talked and then, went to lunch in Grass Valley at Tofanelli’s. We ate terrific sandwiches, salads and great shoestring fries. It was very hot there–probably over 100, so we didn’t walk around the old western-looking town as much as I would have liked.
Josie made us some great iced coffee—she steeps 1/3 cup of grinds with 1 1/2 cups of cold water, overnight, strains it and uses it as a concentrate for iced coffee. It was delicious.
On our drive back we stopped for a little while at Donner Summit. I love the huge granite boulders and the strong trees.
We just hung out and relaxed for the evening. Ken and Kathryn are into a jigsaw puzzle–very father/daughter.
Josh had a softball game at night. He played pretty well, making one really tough catch and beating out a hit to first to eventually score, but his team lost and he was bummed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching but it was a little bit cold. I wore a sweater, a jacket and a scarf! Here he is before the game:
and here’s a picture of our little house, the Vanni house, in Tahoe city:
The fun continues!


Day 3– Tahoe — 3 Comments

  1. Enjoying your blog! Sounds like a great time for all so far. Nothing settled here yet re paint… Hi to everyone!

  2. Lovely pictures of the Tahoe area. I love the granite rocks. It is a beautiful area and it sounds like you are having a great vacation.