Kathryn and Josh left early to help Ellen at the music camp she’s working this week. Ken and I went on a great hike. We drove about 15 minutes to Blackwood Canyon and parked. The trail wound gently up the mountain until we got to only rocks. There were many kinds of wildflowers, each prettier than the previous. Here are 2 of my favorites:
The orange ones are alpine lilies and the white are cow parsnip–I think.
The trees, the light, the rock, the sound of the creek, the smells–all made for a wonderful hike.
On our way back we stopped at Tahoe House to get some fresh baked bread and lunch stuff. It was all very good–my fav was the garbanzo bean salad. I think I could easily recreate it at home. Kathryn enjoyed the Huge rice krispie treat–I have to admit, I shared it.
We all rested in the afternoon; took Rudy, Josh and Ellen’s dog, down to the lake for some exercise. I couldn’t believe they actually got all the way into the cold cold water.
For dinner we went to Soule Domaine, about 20 minutes north of here, right on the state line. The restaurant in housed in a real log cabin, but a romantic setting,not one bit funky. We had a terrific waiter who was very helpful. We shared 2 apps–a duck salad with lots of “pan asian” flavors and lamb ravioli. Both were really good. The main coursed–not so great. I had a Hawaiian fish called something like mong gua???
It had a miso ginger glaze AND a peach salsa. Way over wrought and over sauced. I could barely taste the fish itself which was cooked a little too dry for my taste. Ken got scallops and although I really loved to tomatillo salsa with them, again you couldn’t taste the scallops at all. Josh and Ellen got lamb chops and steak, respectively. They both enjoyed theirs. Kathryn’s dish was the least successful. Lobster won tons were in a super salty broth–pretty yuck, but she loved her dessert of strawberries in white chocolate mousse.
After dinner we waked across the street to a casino. They kicked Kathryn out after about 10 minutes (under age) so it was a very quick visit.
Here’s Ken and me looking very happy on the mountain:
and one more shot of some pretty pink wildflowers


Hikin’ Tahoe — 3 Comments

  1. Jan, thank you for such a great description of your wonderful hike and dinner with the family. The photos of you and your husband are wonderful. Such a handsome pair you make!

  2. Can’t help you with the fish name. There is no “g” in the Hawaiian language and I can’t think of a similar sounding fish name. Maybe they called it Hawaiian because of the toppings? I say toppings because of your description of it all being too much. Too bad the food wasn’t better but glad you had a nice hike!