A gloriously “laid back” day!
I got up early, did the blog, had some tea and went back to bed! Oh, how relaxing.
In the late morning we strolled over to the Tahoe City Farmers market at Commons Beach. They have it every Thursday morning in the summertime. I wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast before we went. There were lots of prepared foods available–pies and tarts, cookies and scones, all kinds of ethnic foods, along with all the beautiful fruits and vegetables. Kathryn and I each bought a tub of lotion–the dry weather here has made my skin very thirsty.
After tasting some Indian food, I bought a spinach stuffed “quesadilla” thing–I wish I could remember the Indian name–and some wonderful fresh cilantro chutney, which we had for lunch. Kathryn waited in a short line at the little crepe truck and loved her crepe with nutella, strawberries and bananas:
We sat in a shady spot while she ate it and that’s where I took this next photo. I don’t think there could be a more beautiful setting for a farmers market.
We came home and put in some time on the new jigsaw puzzle but we realize there’s no way we can finish it before we have to leave. We took Rudy for a walk up the hill, enjoying all the trees and flowers along the way.
In the late afternoon we went to the lake behind the Post Office and Kathryn and I did a little shopping in a cool store called Sasafrass.
The local wine bar was having a tasting of South American wines so we went over there. The wines were OK but really we were more impressed with the cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery. Then we went to Fiamma for a light dinner–we ate mussels, pizza and salads. Crazy to be eating PEI mussels here in California!?!
Came back home–Kathryn and I caught the last half of So You think You can Dance and said goodbye to Josh and Ellen. I SO wish they lived closer to us. Very hard to say goodbye.
Tomorrow–off to San Luis Obispo.
Oh, and thanks so much for all the comments! I love them.


Last Day in Tahoe — 2 Comments

  1. Blue sky looks fabulous through the pines. All seems well with your world. Party on in San Luis Obispo. Drive safe!