We got up early in the lovely little guest studio–it really is perfect, Pat.
I rode with Amy to see Jaden’s school; he showed me around dutifully before going off to play. The rest of us went to walk around downtown Santa Cruz and then off to a wonderful little brunch spot, the “Cafe Brazil” I had a really good omelette –there were beans and rice dishes and polenta on the menu too. I loved the potatoes that came with the omelette. We said our good byes but here are a few shots of the kids:
Izzy, who really didn’t want her picture taken at all:
We left from there to drive to Oakland.
It is really cold up here in the Oakland Hills. I think they call this area Piedmont Pines.
It’s great to see B. and Jeanne and Michael. Kathryn and Michael seem to really be hitting it off and reconnecting very well–2 college kids.
We went for a fabulous sushi dinner in Berkeley, at Shattuck & Ward, Kirala. Everything was totally fresh and tasted perfect. From there we went to College and Alcatraz to the Organic Ice cream store. Best ice cream I’ve ever had in America! I had pistacchio and chocolate. Next time I’m getting the cardomom. Kathryn had mint and it was so much like the mint right out of the garden. Bob had strawberry-rose. Great flavors!!
Came home, laughed and talked a lot. And we watched House Hunters International–dreaming…


Moving On — 2 Comments

  1. Can’t stop looking at the kids. Thanks so much for posting pictures. So glad you got to enjoy the little apt. and that you’re having a good time in general. I love you.

  2. Love the photo of the fam, dear. It graces my cubbie. Now I’m excited about the couscous salad! I miss you. xxoo A.