Woke up to a hazy morning, feeling a little lazy but not for long.
First stop–The Black Horse Coffee store–used to be the Home of The Velvet Foam. Great coffee and scones, muffins, etc. I wore my jacket and a scarf, tolerating the teasing but comfortable until the sun actually emerged.
Next stop the local Farmers Market. Beautiful produce and flowers, not so much prepared food.
Colorful, funny carrots:
Gorgeous orchids:
Amazing peppers:
We came home with some sweet strawberries, white and orange nectarines and lovely smelling tuberoses.
Amy had to go register for her triathlon but the line was so long she came back to do it on site at the race tomorrow.
In the afternoon we went wine tasting here in San Luis. I had imagined we would head up to Paso but Ame got a great coupon from being in the race, offering complimentary or discounted tastings here–less driving and much cooler temperatures made it a no-brainer.
We went first to Baileyanna/Tangent, a homey looking tasting room with a nice retail display. The wines were good but nothing great. The place was very pretty with a bocce court and nice views of the hills. Kev bought their port.
Next we went to Chamisal Vineyards–about 2 minutes drive up the hill. By far, the best wine there was the Reserve Chardonnay. Really delicious! Of course, it retails for $42 which is more than we normally spend. I also enjoyed the Pinot Gris at Chamisal, but we aren’t buying and having to deal with wine in suitcases. They also offers 3 different Syrahs which made for interesting side by side tasting.
Best for last–we went to Tolosa–a beautiful modern building, surrounded by lavender plantings and a big patio with a tasting bar outside with great views. Ken and I went inside to taste. They had a choice of 3 flights. Ken got the “house” flight which included 2 chardonnays and 4 reds. I got the “spring” flight–all whites. Again I liked the Pinot Gris and the Viognier. On hot days, with no food, I really appreciate these light style picnic wines. The biggest surprise was that they poured a Grenache Blanc–never heard of a white Grenache before. It was a crispy and somewhat complex wine.
We didn’t over do it–not at all wiped out from the three tastings. We did a lot of pouring out and sipping water in between.
Home for rest time. Then we ran some errands including getting my spare photo battery charged up.
In the evening we went in search of some authentic Mexican food. Kev chose this great place–Chili Peppers.
We enjoyed the fish tacos and burritos and had lots of laughs.
It’s really fun being here with these old friends. Kathryn went to the beach with Hannah during the day. And Ame’s brother Bo is here with us to participate in the big race tomorrow.

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