We made it!
What a long travel day. We left Tallahassee on a 9 am flight; changed planes in Atlanta and Salt Lake City and arrived in Reno at 3:45 local time then drove a little over an hour to Tahoe City.
Our little rental house is really cute, clean and comfortable. It has some historical significance as the oldest residential building in this town. When we got here, Cedar, the gardener who lives next door, gave me a “tour” of the plants and flowers around the house, lots of which we can’t grow in Tallahassee. There are also a bunch of purple flowers, I think she said are called companium or companilium–anyway I had never seen them before. Cedar said they were planted by pioneer women along with the sweet peas.
After about 15 minutes of settle-in time, Josh and Ellen walked in and we got to meet Rudy, our adorable and lively grand puppy. I made a quick cup of coffee and off we went to the River Grill to hear Ellen and her friend Abby play music for the dinner crowd. I loved walking there through the pretty town. We mostly walked right along the lake. It was a warm night for here which meant I was perfectly comfortable.
We ate and drank well. Ellen was a little disappointed in the show because the manager kept telling them to turn it down and really, we could barely hear them.
Ken and I walked home and passed out by 10:00
Now I am up–totally up at 4:30. In a few days, I’ll adjust.
The computer connection is in the kitchen of the house and I’m wearing a sweater now and I’m still cold!


Tahoe City, California — 3 Comments

  1. Jan (and Ken), have a wonderful visit. Sounds nice so far. Love the “grand puppy”!