This was another wonderful vacation day.
In the morning Ken and I went to Safeway to buy stuff to make dinner; then we went to Josh and Ellen’s house to walk their cute Rudy for them.
Next, Kathryn and I decided to go shopping in the little Tahoe City town area–just one street of shops. We stopped in at the Fat Cat to see the kitchen where Josh cooks and met his crew. We walked through the shops but nothing really caught our fancy. Prices are high here, like any resort area.
We met Ken for lunch at the Fat Cat. I really wanted to try Josh’s “salsa verde” because he is proud of it. It was really good on the chicken tacos I had. Ken and Kathryn had sandwiches and enjoyed them. Josh brought us out a huge piece of tiramisu, knowing that it’s one of Kathryn’s favorites and with the three forks, it was gone in a minute.
After a leisurely rest time, we drove up to Squaw Valley where they still have an Olympic flame burning; the Winter games were there in 1960. The town was very quiet but you could really imagine it full of skiers and snow. It must be beautiful!
Back to Tahoe City so Kathryn could go wading in the lake.
I really enjoyed sitting peacefully on a rock watching her, smiling like a little kid as she felt her legs in the cold water.
Afterwards we stopped in at the local wine bar to do a little tasting. We tried two white blends–the Venge Meritage and “The Climber” made by Cliff–of Cliff Bar fame. I prefered the Meritage which included some Vionger. We also tried a 100% Cabernet Franc by Lang and Reed which was surprisingly good.
Our dinner of chicken on the grill, grilled veggies and caprese salad came out great. Then it was off to watch Josh play softball once more–this time on a coed team.
You could tell they were all having so much fun!


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  1. I’m enjoying your vacation so much! You and your whole family are so adorable. This is a very happy time Jan. You are making memories. Seeing your photos and reading your posts are heartwarming. I’m thrilled for each of you to have this time together.

  2. Are we going to get the salsa verde recipe?? 🙂
    Just an fyi… I think the photo you posted today on your blog is also on this post.
    If you post two photos with the same exact name (e.g. numbers of the jpg are the same) the new post will write over the older post and both pictures will be the same. I found this out also after posting a snow picture. It ended up in a previous Italy post. When you see that yes/no question when uploading, say no, change the name slightly (e.g. put the letter a or a number after the jpg… 1033a.jpg OR change the name of the photo).