We woke up to a very thick fog. As we drove the short distance to visit our dear friend Carole, we couldn’t even see the street signs. While we were there, however, the fog burned off and we could enjoy the amazing view of Lake Merritt, the bay and both bridges from her house. The view represents, to me, the glory of life in the East Bay; it brought back lots of memories for me and for Ken. Carole made us a wonderful breakfast but the time was too short. Wr had to hurry back to Jeanne and Bob’s to pack.
After saying our goodbyes we left Oakland pretty close to noon. The drive back to Truckee/Tahoe was dreadful. All the was to Sacramento the traffic was nearly bumper to bumper, and sometimes we were stopped. It was a great reminder of the downside to life in the area.
So, we got to Tahoe City a little after 4:00. We hung out at Josh’s house for a while and then we all went to Truckee to a Bar B Que joint to eat. We had a nice final visit with Josh and Ellen and the food was good. Kenny had really been jonesin’ for Bar B Que so he was very satisfied. Here we are outside of the restaurant:
We drove, from there to the Homewood Suites, Reno. Ken and I went over to the Atlantis Casino but we only stayed for about 20 minutes. The smoke and the noise were just too obnoxious for me and Ken lost his $16 fast enough for us to just come back.
The hotel is nice–we had a truly beautiful, colorful sunset over the mountains, just out the window.
Now it is early morning and we are quietly getting settled for out flight home, while Kathryn sleeps.


Last Day in California — 1 Comment

  1. Just want to say, as I am finally getting back into the blog reading groove, that I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to CA (as I knew you would). Sorry the planets did not align for a GTG, but we certainly will have others down the road.