Everything went very smoothly in Jacksonville. Kathryn acted like she knew exactly what to do–well, she did. What a difference a year makes! J.U. is home to her now.
Ken was a real macho dude taking apart her bunk bed and making it into a single, like a trundle bed. Kathryn is really glad to have her own room. We got her bed made up, furniture rearranged, clothes unpacked and she was ready. We got a quick little lunch at a local sandwich place called Blue Boy’s (I cannot recommend it.) And she was totally ready for us to go. I had a little moment of choking up, saying goodbye, but she was so confident and happy to be there, it made it a lot easier.
Here she is indulging me in one more photograph:
Have a great year, my sweet, sweet girl.


Taking Kathryn back to school — 3 Comments

  1. How quickly a year has flown by! It seems like yesterday I was reading about her first day at J.U. I hope she has a fabulous year.

  2. Awwww… your “growed-up” daughter is still your little girl in your heart, and I ‘spose will always be.

  3. That year does fly and makes a difference, doesn’t it? It was easy to pick out the dazed freshman at PSU.It was really fun to see the joy with which the older students greeted each other as they arrived back on campus, as though they were comming “home” from a trip!