I have been experimenting all summ with sun dried tomato pesto, after using it in a fish recipe from Andrew Carmellini’s “Urban Italian” cookbook. It is a totally versitile condiment. I love to simply toss ith with pasta, of course but you can also use it for a topping for a soft cheese for an appetizer.
One time I mixed about a tablespoon full with some goat cheese and used it as a spread for crackers. It’s great on turkey burgers instead of ketchup, too.
After trying almonds and walnuts, I’ve decided I like the toasted pine nuts the best.
Here’s my favorite combination of ingredients:
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
1 clove garlic
½ cup toasted pine nuts
1 cup fresh basil leaves packed
6 oz. Sun dried tomatoes
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup half & half
1 cup finely grated (on a microplane) romano cheese
With food processor running, drop in garlic clove—process until finely minced.
Add the rest of ingredients except cheese. Process until it’s a red paste.
Add cheese and about ½ cup pasta water, when you toss with with pasta.
No picture–use your imagination. It’s a beautiful deep red paste.

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