I took the easy route for goat cheese. The best thing is that we can buy, at New Leaf Market, the fabulous, luxurious, fresh and tasty goat cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy in nearby Thomasville Georgia. All I did was buy a ready made pizza crust (like Boboli) and spread the goat cheese on it– then baked it like it says on the back of the package. After it was warm, I put a bunch of arugala on top, cut it into appropriately bite sized pieces and there you go. Here’s an appetizer even Rachel Ray would love:


Small Bites–Goat cheese — 1 Comment

  1. Very cool – a recipe from my neck of the woods! The woman from Sage and Swift opened a restaurant a couple of years ago called Watts Grocery – excellent place. Buttermilk biscuits are yummy.