I thought it was a great idea but…
My dish really was a failure. Well, to be perfectly fair–it needs some work, especially better artichokes. I used frozen artichoke hearts and they were pretty flavorless and watery.
I marinated them in a dijon style vinegrette using orange zest and some of the juice from the orange. I tossed them with some pieces of the orange, a little finely chopped onion and some red bell pepper pieces.
My thinking was you could use this as a topping for a bruschetta–or a salad which is what I did. I put it on top of spinach and arugala with a bit of shaved parmesean.
But–although it looked beautiful it just didn’t come out too great.
Back to the cutting board.


Small Bites–Artichokes — 1 Comment

  1. The dish did look pretty… a little tweaking on the ingredients will most likely do a superb job as there are good stuff in it already.